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Demand Planning LLC, based in Boston MA, is a consulting boutique comprised of seasoned experts with real-world supply chain experience and subject-matter expertise in demand forecasting, S&OP, Customer planning, and supply chain strategy.

We provide process and solutions consulting, as well as customized training across a variety of industries.

Through our knowledge portal DemandPlanning.Net, we offer a full menu of training programs through in-person and online courses, as well as a variety of informational articles, downloadable calculation templates, and a unique Demand Planning discussion forum.

  • 22Nov

    Life has been extremely busy……..  Busy some way or other – information overload, volunteer work, entertainment galore, vacation on a planned schedule, parties, meetings, commitments………

    Finally a day to sit up and think about the things that I am thankful for.  Thankful for the time spent with the family at home waiting for the faithful chicken to finish cooking, for the beautiful sunny afternoon in Boston…..

    For the opportunities to serve and enrich the community I associate with, for the many friends that are here, there and everywhere with expectations and obligations and willingness to help……..

    For the unknown friends that willingly wanted to connect with me on Facebook, Linked-In, Google+ – some people I had never met in my life…… but look forward to some day.  If I let go of the fears and inhibitions and apprehensions of the unknown, the unknown is indeed a pleasant thing when you start to know slowly.

    For the parents, relatives and friends in far-off shores that live with the hope and faith of presences and blissful meetings in the future sometime….

    For life to have the faith in humanity and eternal renewals of life as we know it…..

    Thank you!

    Happy Thanksgiving Day!

    November 22, 2012

    Boston, MA

  • 02Mar

    Welcome to DemandPlanning.Net’s short video presentation. In this video we will talk about a quick approach to Safety Stock Planning.

  • 11Feb

    Demand Planning has evolved in the last few years – even banks and credit card companies have seriously been involved in demand planning.

    They plan their demand for two important reasons among many others –

    1. Cash Management – Keeping cash balances to serve customer needs versus loaning out to make a living
    2. Project retail demand for Gift Cards – somewhat of a much less interesting problem than the first one.

    However, they forecast the sale of gift cards by outlet and type.  They have displays and floor stands in super markets just like any other Consumer goods company.

    Chase may be selling a Mickey Mouse gift card at Target.  They have demand planning departments and their own print and design facilities to produce these plastic cards.

    Print and ship to stores so they are available during the holidays.

    The forecast for Gift cards is truly a unit demand plan – the dollars do not matter at least for producing the plastic.  These are loaded at the point of purchase.

    They know later how much has been sold from the retailer remittance net of commission.

    How does Chase make money – by playing the float!!  A portion of Gift Cards remain unused for long periods of time – the bank keeps the money in its lending operations for a long time.

    The demand for Gift card is seasonal, holiday driven!  They are promoted on TV and at point of sale.

    More on the forecasting issues and challenges later.

  • 24Oct

    I attended the APICS expo in Las Vegas last week.  What a show!!

    This was very well attended with over 2000 professionals from across the world.  The committee mentioned that this was one of the largest turnouts.

    I particularly enjoyed the general session keynotes by the General and by our own Bert Jacob of Life is Good from New England!  Bert was talking about the optimism and positivity surrounding us and to see the values in simple things in life!  His company grew from less than $55k revenues in 96 to almost $500MM in 2010.

    The break-out sessions on S&OP were all packed – Bob Stahl talked about myths and misunderstandings in S&OP implementations.  JE Boyer gave a folksy presentation on S&OP to a packed audience – although he had a much short-term horizon on S&OP than most others including mine.  My philosophy on the S&OP horizon is somewhat in the middle between JE and Bob – S&OP needs to discuss three months to 24 months and an annual look at the strategic five year plan.  Bob talks about looking five years ahead JE talks about one year.

    There was a presentation by Peter Murray and Greg Schlegel on Demand forecasting and S&OP in the 21st century – kind of a prediction on where we are headed.  They drew a lot from AMR research and other predictors of the future including some fancy stuff like dynamic inventory planning.

    There was an excellent presentation by Jeff slater of Sunoco on supply chain optimization including some neat discussion on metrics.  This was a practical presentation that would excite a lot of practitioners.

    And finally a presentation by Daniel Castle of TATA communications on Lessons from India was the lasting impression for years to come.  Very insightful and humorous capture of experiences in India including Indian STretched Time and the Yes sir phenomenon.

    I will post additional links in my future update of this entry.  Of course, Las Vegas is always fun and fantasy!